Samantha and Michael had a beautiful wedding day at the Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

When they originally reached out to us in 2013, it felt like September of 2015 was forever away.  Though they had a fairly long engagement, the two years absolutely flew by.  As TJ and I drove up to Door County, we recalled sitting with them at the Milwaukee Public Market and hearing about how they envisioned the day.  At the time, they were in the early stages of planning.  Upon arriving at Woodwalk Gallery, we saw everything had turned out as planned (with the help of Carrie from Door County Event Planners).  They said, “There wasn’t a single part of our day that wasn’t perfect, but our favorite part was seeing each other for the first time. It was the culmination of 2 years of planning and it was breathtaking for both of us.”

We’ve talked about this advice before, but it’s so important to take a moment to yourselves on your wedding day.  The day goes by so quickly!  Samantha and Mike did a first look early in the day so they could enjoy each others company for as long as possible.  Since the ceremony was later in the afternoon, we were able to scoot around Door County and take photographs with the wedding party and family members.  The advice of a first look and seeing each other on your wedding day will never get old.  Samantha said, “Relax and enjoy your day! It goes by SO quickly, it’s not worth getting stressed out over something small. And take some time together throughout the night. Mike and I took a few littler walks around the property during the reception so we could have a little alone time and bask in the glow of our perfect day. It was one of the best decisions we made!!”

It was the “Best Day Ever. Duh.”  🙂

Here’s how we saw their day…

Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1081 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1080 Door County Wedding Photography Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1078 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1079 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1082 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1083 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1084 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1085 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1088 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1086 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1089 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1087 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1090 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1091 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1092 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1093 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1094 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1095 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1096 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1097 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1098 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1099 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1100 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1101 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1102 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1103 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1104 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1106 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1105 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1107 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1108 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1113 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1129 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1151Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1109 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1127
Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1110 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1111Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1116 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1117 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1118 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1119 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1120 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1121 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1122 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1123 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1124 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1125 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1126 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1132Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1130Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1137 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1134Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1135
Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1139 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1114Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1112 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1136Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1115Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1128Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1138
Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1131 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1133 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1140 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1141 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1142 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1143 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1144 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1145 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1146 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1148 Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1150Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1149Door-County-Wedding-Photography-SamMike_1147

All the sweet, little details…

Photographers: TJ and Shannon Uttke

Ceremony & Reception: Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

Catering: Mission Grille

Wedding Planner: Carrie Baldwin Smith of Door County Event Planners

Hair: Courtney Fixico of Salon Mode

Makeup Artist: Erin Schmalz

John’s suit: Mens Wearhouse

Bridesmaid Dresses: ModCloth

Flowers: Flora

Paper Goods: Kaitlin Mueller

Ceremony Music: George Sawyn

Disc Jockey & Lighting: Elite Music Service

First Dance:You Send Me by Sam Cook

Woodwalk Gallery Wedding Photography

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Wed September 16, 2015
Samantha, you are a beautiful bride!! Julie sent this to me --- brought a tear to me, I still remember you as that delightful cute little girl... of course now all grown up. I wish only the best for you and your husband. You look so happy. Kathie Hoffmann (from Cleveland Avenue)
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