Later this year, our friends Mo and Jon will celebrate 10 years of marriage. They married young, and as Mo puts it, didn’t have cool wedding photographs.  To celebrate the big occasion, we headed out to Retzer Nature Center with them for a “renewal” of sorts.  They brought along their two daughters, Kennedy and Presley, so they could all enjoy this occasion together.

Mo had a vision and it played out perfectly.  She planned every detail meticulously.  Mo purchased a new dress from Miss Ruby, found perfect outfits for the girls and had beautiful flower arrangements made. After the girls went home with grandma, Mo and Jon said new vows to each other and they even danced their “first dance” again.  After the session, Mo and Jon spent the night out on the town.

We were thrilled and honored to be there photographing them!  Happy Anniversary!

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Tue September 29, 2015
You guys... I can't stop looking through these!!! Thank you for being our friends and for capturing such a wonderful time in our lives. We love you both so much!!! <3
Wed September 30, 2015
Awww you guys, I loved looking trough them. It`s neat to see such a beautiful family celebrating love.
Lea lovora
Wed September 30, 2015
These are so precious! Fantastic work! Love your style and your beautiful models :)

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