Jaime & John were married at the Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery.

I wish we could bottle up their day but these photographs will have to do!  It couldn’t have been more perfect.  From our initial meeting, we knew their nontraditional wedding would be one of our favorites.  They truly made their wedding theirs, which we really, really love.

Jaime and John had a small wedding party.  A best man and a Maid of Honor.  This wasn’t their only role in the wedding though.  They also officiated and did a phenomenal job!  Jaime and John wrote their own ceremony, too.  They felt that the most important aspect to incorporate was, of course love, but also respecting the equality and uniqueness of each other in their relationship.  For their vows, they stood on a rug to resemble their separate lives weaved together – which they will keep in their home as a reminder of the promises they’ve made.   Special shout out to Pete, Jaime’s dad, for the awesome cigar bar!  And her mom, Peggy, for making the flower girls dress!  Shannon even created all of their paper goods and a monogram they used throughout the wedding planning!

Small, intimate weddings have a different vibe.  We know that everyone was there because they truly love Jaime and John. And that they love them right back! It was a true honor to be involved in their day as much as we were.  Shannon even created all of their paper goods and a monogram they used throughout the wedding planning!

Here’s how we saw their day…

Pabst Brewery Wedding Photography Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0972 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0971 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0973 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0974 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0976 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0980 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0969 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0977 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0975 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0970 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0979 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0978 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0982 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0984 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0985 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0994 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0986 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0987 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0988 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0989 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0990 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0991 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0992 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0993 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0999 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0998 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1000Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1002Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1005Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1003Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1004Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1073Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1006Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1007Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1008Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1010Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1011Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1009Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1012Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1013Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1014Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0995 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1015Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1001 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1023Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1021 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1024 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1041 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1026 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1027 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1028 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1029 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1042 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1031 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1032Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1074 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1033 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1034 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1036 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1037 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1038 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1039 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1040 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1043 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0996Pabst-Brewery_J+J_0997 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1016 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1017 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1019 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1018Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1045Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1046 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1047 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1052 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1049 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1053Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1050 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1051Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1060 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1059 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1057 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1058Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1075 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1061 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1062 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1063Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1076 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1064 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1065 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1069 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1068 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1067 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1071 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1070 Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1072uttke design wedding invitations Pabst-Brewery_J+J_1044

All the sweet, little details…

Photographers: TJ and Shannon Uttke

Ceremony & Reception: Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

Catering: Chef Jacks

Jaime’s Dress & Belt: Sarah Seven

Jaime’s Shoes: Tory Burch

Bracelets: Kate Spade

Jaime’s rings: “Jaime’s rings are a combination of some old family stones and new diamonds; Jaime’s mother’s original engagement diamonds and John’s grandmother’s diamonds. We worked with AC Zuckerman Jewelers in Mequon to put it together.”

John’s Ring: “John got an English Oak wooden ring from Bentwood Rings in Canada (which is a pretty cool company-for every ring purchased they donate money to AmericanForests to plant a new tree in North America).”

Day-of Coordinator: “There are so many people that contributed to the day of planning and setting up; Kimberly Dorfner at Pabst Brewery was the venue coordinator, our family and friends-especially Amanda Bedessem and Ashely Newman helped us out tremendously with set-up.”

Hair & Makeup: Neroli Salon

John’s suit: Mens Wearhouse

Flowers: “The flowers were a blend from West Allis Farmers Market, John’s mother’s (Carol) garden, Woodviolet, and our friend Amanda Bedessem. All arrangements/decor, bouquets, and boutonnieres were put together by Amanda Bedessem with help from Ashley Newman.”

Paper Goods: Shannon from Uttke Photography & Design

Ceremony Music: Alex Kilen

Disc Jockey & Lighting: Double Platinum DJ

First Dance: Dancing Shoes by Green River Ordinance

Father-Daughter Dance: Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison

Mother-Son Dance: 99 Million Miles by Jason Mraz

Pie Dessert: HoneyPie Cafe

 Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

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