Happy One-Year Anniversary, Lindsey & Josh!

Throughout their engagement, Lindsey & Josh planned everything for their wedding day. The day came, lists were checked off. Sure, it rained a little bit in the morning but it cleared up by the afternoon. One thing happened though that was totally unplanned: Lindsey got sick. Riding in the trolley, Lindsey got really motion sick. Actually, so much so that she road in our car for the second half of the day. TJ and I didn’t mind, but we sure did feel awful. As a bride, it often goes without saying that you’ll feel great, look great and just have a super great day! That’s not really how it went for Lindsey.

So, when she emailed us in the winter time and said she’d like to do it over again, we obviously jumped at the chance. Not only did we get to hang out with this awesome couple again, but it was like a wedding day celebration all over. We met Lindsey & Josh at their downtown condo to photograph them getting ready together. Then we went to the Outsider together for a cocktail. Since they were in their wedding garb, the two got several “congratulations” and we told people they had gotten married that day at the courthouse. Later in the evening, their friends and wedding party met them at the Roman Coin for some drinks and continued celebration. It really, honestly felt like the wedding day all over again. But this time, Lindsey felt great.

Happy Anniversary, Lindsey & Josh! Have a fantastic celebration in Greece! 

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All the sweet details

Photographers: TJ & Shannon Uttke

Cocktails: The Outsider at the Journeyman Hotel – Kimpton

Floral Design: Jane Kelly Floral

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