As Beth and Joel dove into planning a wedding, Eagle Waters was the spot.  Beth said, “Joel and I have so many memories of summer in the north woods at the lake and are so thankful that our guests got to enjoy a weekend in the place that we love and cherish.”  Since both of their parents have a cabin up there, it’s really become a special place for them individually and together.  When the tied the knot at the Eagle Waters Resort, they were surrounded by friends and family who were so energetic and excited for their day.  

The Eagle Waters Resort is a truly great place.  I highly recommend it if you’re looking for lodging in the area.  Beth described it as “Northwoods Rustic Chic. Feel immediately relaxed with the calming of the lake, trees and lodge atmosphere.”  The venue was beautiful on it’s own but Beth added a lot of garden flowers and greenery for a vintage feel.  Beth and Joel made us feel so welcome with their guests.  Some we even knew already from past weddings (Kelly of Kelly + Paul is Joel’s sister).  Even though we were 250 miles away from Milwaukee, we felt right at home with friends. 

It was clear everyone else did too.  Here’s how we saw Beth and Joel’s Day:


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Vendors + other sweet info:

Engagement Date: May 9, 2013.  Check out Beth and Joel’s proposal! 

Rings: Beth:  Schwanke Kasten // Whitefish Bay.  Beth’s engagement ring was custom made with an heirloom family diamond from the 1920’s.
Joel’s:  Kesslers

The Dress and bridesmaid dressesBliss Bridal // Brookfield, WI

Groom and Groomsmen suit:  Purchased from Men’s Warehouse // Brookfield, WI

Bridal Accessories: Etsy and j.crew

Hair + Makeup: Hair was done by Chanel Conway of Luxe Salon // Shorewood, Wisconsin.  Makeup was done by Jennifer Kessler of Natural Radiance Beauty // Milwaukee, Wisconsin

FlowersHorant’s // Eagle River, Wisconsin

Stationary + Paper Goods: Designed by a friend, Rachel Babiak

TransportationBowens Bus Service // Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Disc Jockey + LightingSound by Design // Shorewood, Wisconsin

Ceremony Song: Canon in D

First dance: “Everything” by Michael Buble

A special DIY project: “A handmade wooden bench as our guestbook which we will keep in our home to forever remember the day made by Patrick Thomson (Joel’s uncle)”

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