This is us.

We’re TJ & Shannon.  We’re married and live in Milwaukee. We have a weird and cute dog, Beau, who we love!  Together, we are Uttke Photography & Design.  Photographing together is something we creatively flourish at. We thrive on connecting with clients and aim to make the best images possible.

We love telling wedding stories the way they organically unfold, not the way a magazine wants them to look.  We don’t photograph to get an instagram like or a magazine feature.  We photograph because your children’s children will someday look at these photos and aww over how in love you are.  We want to capture the love you two have for each other so it can be cherished today, tomorrow and decades to come. If you look at our photographs and can see yourself in them, it’s likely we’ll connect.

Since you know all about our professional-side by now, here’s some of our personal favorite things…

TJ’s favorite things:
1. Listening to music (loudly)
2. Finding new beers to enjoy
3. Working on projects around the house
4. Kopps Cheeseburgers
5. Finding weird gifs on reddit

Shannon’s favorite things:
1. Her mom’s spaghetti
2. Living a healthy lifestyle and actively trying to pawn it off on TJ
3. Beau, our German Shepherd/Lab mutt
4. Bloody Marys
5. 89.3 The Current


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